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Calculating Costs
and Quilt Preparation

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Studio: 480-460-3697
Cell: 503-887-5807

1525 E. Grand Canyon Dr.
Chandler, AZ 85249
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Yes, I've moved!
Slightly southeast of Phoenix.
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Custom Machine Quilting of your quilt tops
Specialty Quilting for Decorators and Designers

Certified 4.0 Creative Studio Trainer
Private Lessons Available

Basic quilting styles are Overall and Heirloom

Overall quilting (see examples)
is the edge-to-edge application of one pattern on the entire quilt.
Choose from the many Overall Patterns available or allow me to select a pattern that will compliment the quilt's design.
2¢ ($.02) per square inch ~~~ minimum charge of $50

Heirloom quilting (see examples)
is quilting specific to your design. This would include combinations of Motifs, stitch-in-the-ditch, feathers, continous curves, and Borders.
4¢ ($.04) per square inch~~~ minimum charge of $75

Cost depends on size of your quilt and style of quilting you desire.
Enter your measurements in my Quick Calculator
to get a quote for each of the two price structures above.
Most quilts
fall into the Price Ranges shown below:
Lap Quilt 54 x 54 inches $58 -  $117
Twin Quilt 66 x 86 inches $114 - $227
Queen Quilt 87 x 92 inches $160 - $320
King Quilt 114 x 114 inches $260 - $520

Keeping America Warm One Quilt at a Time

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